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Trusted Saw Body Manufacturing

We're changing the commercial truck body industry, with a unique 'service first' approach to customer bodies for small companies to large fleet manufacturing.  

Manufacturing and Up-fitting since 2014

Since 2014, USA Truck Bodies has designed and manufactured the only aluminum saw body in the world, 100% designed and built in the USA. 


We are also the only manufacturer that offers a 100% turn key solution for our customers - involving each customer in the design process taking each unique concept from idea to reality.  If we cannot build it - then it's not being built!

This service first mentality and our desire to work with each customer's unique requirements sets us apart from other shops.  At USA Truck bodies we're evolving industry thinking. While most manufacturers have a black box mentality that fits customers into pre-built solutions, we listen to each customer's unique needs to turn their concepts into solutions that fit their unique truck body needs.

Let us show you how we're changing the commercial truck body industry, and how we can build your customer dream fleet truck to your standards and specifications.
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